What is your discount policy?

À La Carte Discount Policy: Discount codes are limited to one per order, and cannot be combined with other offers or bundle discounts. It may seem harsh, but our garments are already so reasonably priced, we really can’t go any lower without taking a loss.

Subscription Plan Discount Policy: We allow one discount code or coupon to be redeemed per person or household during your entire lifetime. Our shirts are priced very competitively, and we do not allow more than one additional discount because of this. Unfortunately, if we discover that you have created multiple accounts in order to redeem multiple discount codes, we will cancel all of your accounts, merchandise credits, and shipments immediately, and you will not be eligible for a refund of any kind.

Gift Cards: Gift balances do not expire, and any remaining balance from a gift card will roll over until depleted. Gift card users are not automatically signed-up for a subscription (though you’re more than welcome to do so… we’d love to have you as a member of our clubhouse). Gift card members are given the option to renew when the gift balance is depleted (it is double opt-in).

Final Sale: Final sale items are not eligible for returns or exchanges. In the event that a final sale item is returned, we will contact you to coordinate a return shipment back to you. You will also be responsible for the return shipping cost. No exceptions.

We may refuse to provide such discounts for any reason including, but not limited to, fraud, a mistake on the part of our publication of information, actual or expected financial hardship, sale of all or part of our business, a run on the banks that’s totally George Bailey’s fault, or any other reason.

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