When will I receive my suit separate subscription box?

We ship twice per year to all of our suit separate subscribers, based on the timeline below. If you do not select your suit separate(s), a stylist will hand-curate your box for you. To ensure you receive the size and styles you want, we ask that you kindly make any changes to your box or account—including your shipping address—at least two (2) weeks prior to the ship dates specified below. Once a box has been marked 'Preparing for Shipment' in your account, we will not be able to edit its contents or its shipping destination.

If you would like to skip a box or cancel, please email us at howdy@elizabethandclarke.com before the bill date of the next season, and we will process your request within 1 business day.

  • Summer Collection

    summer faq

    Bill Date

    March 15

    Ship Date

    June 1

  • Winter Collection

    winter faq

    Bill Date

    September 15

    Ship Date

    December 1

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