How can I choose my items?

Once you have an active subscription plan, you will receive an email notification as each new Collection arrives. Shirt Collections are available for approximately three months, while Suit Separate Collections are available for approximately six months. You may make your selections at any time during these windows.

To ensure you receive the size and styles you want, we ask that you kindly make any changes to your box at least two (2) weeks prior to the ship dates specified below. Once a box has been marked 'Preparing for Shipment' in your account, we will not be able to edit its contents. 

  • Spring Collection

    spring faq

    Bill Date

    December 15

    Ship Date

    March 1

  • Summer Collection

    summer faq

    Bill Date

    March 15

    Ship Date

    June 1

  • Fall Collection

    fall faq

    Bill Date

    June 15

    Ship Date

    September 1

  • Winter Collection

    winter faq

    Bill Date

    September 15

    Ship Date

    December 1

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